Start learning at Dream Productions

Dream Productions has taken the initiative to launch film and editing workshops. Our team is constantly kept up to date with the latest in cinematography and film technology and we want to inspire others in the film trade to produce work of our top standard quality. Our workshops are designed to train and motivate film students, film enthusiasts, and business owners who want to enhance their companies and promote their work. Dream Productions workshops will train and stimulate our apprentices to better promote their work through social media outlets, and provide expert guidance on how to enhance their business. We provide training on operating equipment used in high end film production, like the SteadyCam, drones, cranes, and more. Using the renowned Dream Productions technique, our workshops will inspire film enthusiasts on how to tell a story in their editing and film work to create a masterpiece that amazes their audience. Sign up to attend one of our workshops and learn from the experts here at Dream Productions.